New North Zealand Hospital, Hillerød, Denmark

Forest Park and Heathland

Client: Regional Council of the Capital Region of Denmark
Architecture: Herzog & de Meuron with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Period: 2013 – 2020
Surface area: 298 000m2

The new hospital will gather all functions of a hospital
in one organic building, shaped like a clover leaf.
The horizontal building organically reaches out into
the landscape. It is surrounded by densely planted
trees and contains a garden at its centre. The horizontality
of the new hospital reflects its pastoral
location in the wide Danish landscape. The sky is the
most important feature in this flat land. The landscape
design refers to the glaciers that formed the
landscape around the area of the hospital, as it can
still be seen in the site’s topography,
vegetation, and
geology. The project does not end at the property
boundaries, but incorporates the entire surrounding
landscape. The building, streets, pathways and
parking lots have all been integrated into the landscaping.
The existing forests have also been incorporated
into the concept and referred to as a specific
landscape feature. The landscape concept is divided
into two different open space typologies created by
the building footprint: A Forest Park surrounding the
building and heathland in the inner rings, which are
both typical natural landscapes in Denmark.
For the Forest Park pine, beech and birch trees will
be planted. The mixture between open lawn and
densely planted areas, along with an undulating
topography, create areas with a high biodiversity.
Through the precise, simple and robust design concept,
the effort required for maintenance and support
is kept low.
The roof - level has a Heathland landscape. Subtle
topography creates different areas with various
atmospheres. In between more distinct small round
gardens, where people can rest and contemplate can
be discovered as people walk through the heathland.
These refined gardens are enclosed by hedges with
lawn surface and small trees such as acer, magnolia
and honey locust growing within. The heathland has
small dwarf bushes, small trees and and heather